You Are A Work In Progress

March 15, 2011

How many different ways can you find to end a sentence that starts with “I am…”? Many of us would end it with our name, our job title, or perhaps a description of how we see ourselves in the present moment, such as “…happy”, “…tired”, “…worried”, “…young”, “…energetic”, “…bored”, “…successful” “…kind”, “…a failure”.  But really, […]

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Sue Kreitzman: Portrait of a Lifecrafter

February 5, 2011
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Welcome to the latest in my irregular series, ‘Portrait of a Lifecrafter’.  In each Portrait, I interview an individual who has followed their dreams to a fruitful career, or as a hobby or secondary source of income. In this interview, I speak to “outsider artist” Sue Kreitzman.  I first encountered Sue when I came across one of her cookery books […]

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Interview in the Birmingham Post

January 22, 2011 Tom Fleming speaks to Birmingham Voluntary Service Council chief Brian Carr Ten years ago, Brian Carr arrived in Birmingham as a 27-year-old charity fundraiser and volunteer, convinced of the power of community action to achieve great things for society.  Today, Brian’s views are reflected by the Prime Minister David Cameron, who is championing his […]

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How To Clear Any Backlog

January 17, 2011

Do you ever get bogged down in a backlog? A sink piled high with dirty dishes? An overflowing laundry basket or ironing pile? A garden that needs to be mowed, pruned, weeded, and watered – all at the same time (yesterday)? The biggest problem with a backlog is that it never conveniently stops growing long […]

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Making The Most Of Your Personality

December 13, 2010

I’m often asked by clients which personality profiling system I use when I’m helping people to consider what path to take in their lives and careers.  The short answer is – I don’t.  I prefer instead to direct clients towards discovering their innate gifts and talents as a means of figuring out where their purpose […]

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How To Take A Skills Inventory

October 17, 2010

This week the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, will announce details of the government’s comprehensive spending review, and its attendant cuts to public spending.  Given the parlous state of the UK and world economies, the general concensus is that the cuts will be far-reaching and deep, with local public services being particularly severely […]

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Effort Is Underrated

September 17, 2010

At a conference I attended recently, a fellow delegate asked what I did for a living.  When I explained that I managed a charity and also provided a career coaching service to people in my line of business, he seemed intrigued and wanted to know more.  What did coaching involve, exactly? I explained that my […]

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Job Hunting In Hard Times

August 15, 2010

* There’s no doubt about it – the recession is biting hard.  In the two years since spring 2008, employment levels amongst the working age population in the UK have dropped by around 3%.  Unemployment levels are at their highest in 15 years, amidst expectations that they will rise further in the year ahead as […]

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Finding Your Xanadu

August 7, 2010

“The dream that came through a million years That lived on through all the tears It came to Xanadu…” Tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Xanadu, the multi-million-pound fantasy roller-disco movie musical extravaganza starring Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly.  In many ways, it symbolized the glittery excesses of the early 1980s.

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Building The Big Society

July 30, 2010

In my role as Chief Executive of BVSC, The Centre for Voluntary Action, I was interviewed on 19th July by BBC Radio WM’s Steve Dyson at the Be Birmingham Strategic Partnership Summit. The summit focused on the city’s drive to refresh its Sustainable Community Strategy in the context of ongoing public spending cuts, and I was asked, amongst […]

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