What My Clients Are Saying…


“So useful – I felt in control and empowered in achieving my goals.” 

– Mary Munford (coaching client)


“Brian helped me to explore a variety of topics during our series of sessions.  I found his help invaluable throughout.  Despite having some difficult personal events during this time period, I feel proud of what I’ve achieved and consider Brian’s coaching – which was supportive, encouraging, and understanding – as a very significant part of that success.” 

– Matt Stephens, Web Design Project Manager (coaching client)


“Brian really helped me to think issues through…the goals we set together were very realistic and helped me take different approaches both in my work and home life…and Brian made me feel very much at ease."

– Helen Cook, Manager, Northamptonshire Police Authority, www.northants.police.uk (coaching client)


“Going to see a life coach is one of the best things I have ever done. I had such a big decision to make in changing my job and starting a new business. Brian was so helpful in helping me put my thought patterns straight and establishing practical steps to take. My work life balance is just so much better now.  I've been able to balance what I need to do in order to bring in enough money to pay the bills, with what I really love and want to do long term.”

 Stephanie Flaherty, Homeopath (coaching client)


“The impact of my coaching session with Brian has been great – he was instrumental in getting me onto the right track with regard to marketing my business.”

– Mark Pegler, Hypnotherapist, www.zingtherapy.co.uk (coaching client)


“Brian’s coaching gave me more confidence to believe in my ability as a writer. Very worthwhile!”

– Joanna Timms (coaching client)


“I really appreciated the coaching I received from Brian – he’s a brilliant listener and helped me to make some logical sense of my jumbled up thoughts.  He was articulate and focused in his conversations with me, patient when I needed him to be, and gently persuasive when I needed that too!  I feel very lucky to have worked with him.”

– Jackie Tweedie, Yoga Teacher & Journey Practitioner, www.journeytherapy.co.uk (coaching client)


"With Brian’s help I have been able to get out of the rut I was in after three years as a stay-at-home mum, and have started to find ways to find time for myself, have started working again, and am looking into further education courses with a view to developing my career.  I feel very fortunate to have had Brian’s help.”

– Tanya Berenshtain (coaching client)


“I’m very grateful for Brian's coaching because it has helped me actually follow my plans through rather than procrastinating about them!”

– Frances Barnes, Student (coaching client)


“Since working with Brian I have set up my own therapy practice and I’m hopeful of a bright, successful and happy future.  I would really recommend Brian’s services to anyone.”

– Cecilia Breslin, Complementary Therapist (coaching client)


“Brian’s coaching helped me with getting my time at work organized better, which has reduced my stress and increased my effectiveness.  I also gained clarity in setting my health and fitness goals which has led to really positive changes in my life.  I’m very grateful for the coaching sessions with Brian and the positive results I’ve achieved with his help.”

– Liliana Hristova (coaching client)


“Brian is an excellent trainer with a good sense of humour who brings the course to life with real examples all the way through.” 

Elaine Boyden, Chief Executive, Advocacy Matters, www.advocacymatters.co.uk (training participant)


“Very engaging course, really informative, and Brian was an inspiring trainer.”

– Kevin  (from training participant feedback form)