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Get ready for the BIG BANG!

tarot teaching Dec 01, 2020

I’m delighted to have been invited by The World Divination Association (WDA) to speak at their weekend-long Big Bang Manifestation Conference this Saturday. The theme of the conference is ‘manifest the best 2021’ - surely the perfect antidote to the rigours of 2020!

My hour-long workshop is called Insight into Action: Tarot as a Coaching Tool. In it, I’ll be sharing my unique ACES Method which describes the very act of creation, moment-by-moment, and which can be applied to coaching, manifesting, teaching, and various other helping modalities. And for those who stick around to the end, I have a special free gift that you won’t want to miss!

If you register using my discount code – BIGBANGBRIAN – you get 25% off the registration fee. Cool, right?

I hope to see many of you there! Here's where to grab your ticket:


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