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You hear the call to coach, and so do I.

That’s why I love working with people like you – people who are conscious and creative coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, leaders, healers, and other heart-centred, service-focused helping professionals.   

You have a unique and essential medicine to bring to a world that needs it badly – it’s your innate gift, your inner genius, your creative joy - and I want to help make sure that nothing gets in your way of finding and sharing it.

So, my mission is pretty simple. It’s really two things:

1) To ensure that authentically caring and soul-centred coaching services are available to everyone who needs them. 
(Since that’s the whole of humanity, I’m going to be kept gloriously busy for the rest of my life).

2) To ensure that more and more of the planet’s wealth flows towards, and is responsibly and creatively stewarded by, awakened individuals who have dedicated their lives to the service of other human beings.
(And yes, that does mean we may need to work our way through some pretty crappy patriarchy-induced, societally-conditioned, corporate-culture-inculcated money stories. Not a problem. We'll do it together.)

That’s why I'm CEO of an 8-figure NGO that has raised and distributed tens of millions of social impact funding to good causes over the past 20+ years.

why I teach coaches like you simple and soulful ways to launch and grow magically abundant businesses that attract a steady flow of aligned clients.

That's how we change the world, together.

Oh, you want some background on why you should even be listening to me in the first place? Fair enough!
My professional career began in the corporate sector with Marks and Spencer, where I trained as a personnel manager after graduating with honours from the University of Aberdeen (yes, I’m Scottish, in case the name hadn’t given it away). I pretty quickly decided that this wasn’t quite the path for me, so I took a leap into the dark and spontaneously quit (I tell that story – with all its ups and downs - in my first book, How To Find Your Vital Vocation).
That led me into youth social work with Leicester City Council, closely followed by becoming a fundraiser for a local public advice agency, the Citizens Advice Bureau. It was there that I discovered a talent for business development and income generation, and I set up the city’s first Legal Aid franchise and was appointed as managing director of the bureau on my 26th birthday. From there, I moved to a charity support organisation, Birmingham Voluntary Service Council, to carry out further development and fundraising work. I’ve been chief executive of that organisation since 2005, and have been responsible for generating and stewarding multiple 8-figures of investment into social causes.

I’m also the chair of trustees of Trident Group, a charitable social housing association, and a non-executive director of Birmingham Children’s Trust, an independent public body which works to support children, families and care leavers. 


I set up my own coaching practice in 2009, and published my first book in 2012. I’ve published two more since then – Real Food Revival Plan (2016) and We Are The Sacred Masculine Rising (2021). All three are Amazon bestsellers.
I’m a certified coach (through The Coaching Academy) and my coaching approach is influenced by decades of study in a range of psycho-spiritual disciplines such as non-dual meditation, inquiry-based stress reduction therapy, emotional freedom techniques, and divinatory practices such as tarot.
I am the creator of several acclaimed and popular digital courses and workshops, including The Vital Vocation Online Coaching Programme, Tarot Coach Session Success, Tarot Coach GO PRO, Sacred Self-Sovereignty, and The Cracks That Let The Light In: An Inner-Knowing Immersion for Coaches, Creatives and Healers.
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